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The Alexander Technique
for Musicians

Learning the Alexander Technique is invaluable for musicians, not only because it can help with improving playing technique and recovering from injury, but also because it can dramatically enhance performance.

Many instruments make unusual and challenging demands on our bodies and balance and often, practising them compounds/exacerbates any poor postural habits we already have. Often it is the case that musicians are accustomed (and even trained!) to play with excess effort and tension to the point where this "feels" normal. This, despite the fact that they are in pain and discomfort and the musical result is not all that was intended.

Alexander Lessons (which will include some basic but indispensable anatomy) will bring the musician into better balance with and without their instrument. Practice becomes enjoyable and more efficient as movements becomes clarified, freer and easier.

The revelation for many is that with far less effort there is much more resonance, accuracy and speed available and more attention can be given to playing musically.

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